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Having suffered for more than a decade with serious knee pain, I turned to Jess with her in-depth knowledge of deep tissue therapy.

I was initially skeptical, as I had undergone different forms of physiotherapy in search of a pain free existence. But Jess' knowledge and soothing professionalism gave me massive reassurance, whilst she massaged deeply to treat my problem knee.

After several necessary and essential sessions (for long term results) I have emerged pain free, able to exercise and dance in a way I had not envisioned for several years. Thank you so much Jess.


- Fiona

Professional Ballroom Dancer

I first contacted Jessica when I was 71 and suffering with lower back pain. I didn't know a lot about DTMT (Deep Tissue Massage Therapy) other than hearing it could be painful from a friend. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the results. My lower back felt much looser and I was able to get into deeper yoga poses after the first session.

I also had an arthritic toe which I mentioned so her to see if she would be able to suggest anything for it or would be able to work on it. After 15 (somewhat painful) minutes it felt a lot looser and I didn't have sharp pain anymore when I walked.

Jessica's style and professional demeanor is excellent. She communicated well throughout and comforted me though any pain I felt.

I will be coming back often to keep my pain at bay.

- Marty

I am a server at a restaurant & I have a lot of kinks & knots in my shoulders. Jess was able to get my muscles to release & at the end my range of motion was improved!!!

Jess is knowledgeable about the body and uses different pressures to treat your problematic areas. I'll be back to get more areas worked on!!

- Wec Willy

I have really bad carpal tunnel in both hands, I had lost my ability to grip things, especially with my thumbs being so "stuck". Jess worked on my bad hand for 15 minutes and it felt so good just after a short amount of time.


I was able to move my thumb more than I have for a long time, she used her elbow and worked around all the joints in my hand which loosened my whole hand up and gave me my range of motion back.

I was so pleased with the results, I will continue to see Jess and keep improving week by week. Thank you!


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