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The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Gently detoxing your skin each and every day is an important step in keeping pain, inflammation and disease at bay.

Most people’s skin is overburdened by toxins and waste from a mismanaged large intestine, after all, your skin does mirror the health of your large intestine! Most medical and natural health practitioners gravely overlook the importance of this connection when it comes to your body and detoxification. Your skin will be the first organ to show nutritional imbalances and deficiencies.

The medical system still tries to promote the idea that diet, nutrition and detoxification have no bearing on your skin. Your skin is not just your body’s largest organ – it’s your body’s largest detoxification organ. The average adult eliminates 1 pound of waste a day through their skin via the sweat glands and sheds approximately 8.8 pounds of dead skin each and every year! Where do you think a lot of the dust comes from in your house?

Did you know that the skin is also known as the third kidney? Your skin takes on the kidneys’ toxic burden when they are overworked [the kidneys become overworked because of a sluggish large intestine]. Luckily, our skin can renew itself every 28 days and dry skin brushing speeds this renewal process up!

Did you know that skin brushing dates back thousands of years?! Hippocrates, who is known as the father of medicine, taught Skin Brushing as part of his curriculum at the school of medicine.

Skin brushing is probably the simplest and least expensive health routine you can do. If you desire beautiful skin, great circulation and wish to keep the dust down and your health up, here are some amazing benefits of dry skin brushing!


  1. Gets the lymphatic system moving! The lymph system doesn’t have a pump like your vascular system, it requires personal action from you to move it. Skin brushing will detoxify and lighten the toxic load of the lymph nodes.

  2. Tightens the skin eliminating arm sagging, double chin, jowls, and turkey neck.

  3. Reverses the age and look of your skin!

  4. Skin brushing increases collagen and elastin production making your skin thick, toned and healthy! Note: Toxic products and medications, such as steroids, make skin thin.

  5. Helps to support kidneys, bowel, liver and stimulates lymph with every stroke.

  6. Removes dead skin cells, promoting cell renewal, improves texture and appearance of skin.

  7. Brighter, glowing, smoother, softer toned skin.

  8. Prevents ingrown hair.

  9. Relieves itchy skin.

  10. Creates hyperaemia, which increases blood supply, which in turn increases blood flow, lymph flow and nerve transmission.

  11. Accelerates healing.

  12. Helps eliminate and prevent cellulite.

  13. Reduces and prevents varicose veins.

  14. Rids metabolic waste.

  15. Reduces muscle tension and tones muscles.

  16. Calms the mind.

  17. Helps balance hormones.

  18. Reduces toxins, increases circulation thus reduces bloating and water retention.

  19. Enhances nutrient absorption.

  20. Helps prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy and weight loss.


A natural bristle brush from soft to stiff depending how sensitive your skin is. The more you continue to skin brush the softer and more toned your skin will feel and look. It takes only minutes once or twice a day depending on your goal or condition.

Continue until skin is slightly pink or tingles. Work deeper and longer in calloused areas. Begin with dry skin (no moisturizer). Dry Skin Brush in shower using circular motion towards the heart dumping toxins into lymph node areas… Deep strokes up, light strokes down.

Note: If it is more comfortable to sit, you can sit on the ledge of your bathtub or on a small plastic stool in the shower with your container of the Coco Salt Glow.

  • Start with the bottoms of the feet and work your way upward, dump feet toxins at lymph node area at ankles.

  • Dump lower leg toxins at lymph node area at back of knees.

  • Dump upper leg toxins at lymph node area in the groin.

  • Dump buttocks and lower back toxins at the tailbone.

  • Dump toxins from the floating ribs and abdomen down to lymph node area in the groin.

  • Use circular clockwise motion on the abdomen.

  • Go from the solar plexus up to lymph node area in armpit.

  • Massage breasts from the center out ward to the lymph node area in armpit.

  • Stimulate collarbone area, below and above and move toxins towards armpit.

  • Follow through all the way to armpit, clear and invigorate armpit lymph nodes – usually they are congested.

  • Scrub hands, both sides with deep strokes and use a wringing action on fingers and wrists, deep strokes on lower arms to lymph nodes in front of elbows.

  • Stroke upper arms from elbow to armpit lymph nodes. Clear and invigorate.

  • Scrub neck down and outward to armpit – follow through and clear lymph nodes.

  • Put handle back on your brush and do your upper back.

  • You can get a gentler brush for your face and do a face brush every 1 to 2 weeks or when needed – This is more effective than microdermabrasion.

  • Dry brush the head – press hard and brush in small brisk movements.

  • Remember, Dry Skin Brushing should feel good, never painful.

  • Finish with a warm to cold Structured shower starting at your feet and working your way up to the top of your head.

We also highly recommend installing a Structured Water Shower Head, your skin is your largest organ, and has the ability to absorb both nutrients and toxins. Up to two-thirds of exposure to chlorine is due to inhalation of steam and skin absorption while showering in regular, government-approved tap water. A warm shower opens up the pores of the skin and allows the absorption of chlorine and other chemicals from the water.

Shower steam can contain up to 50 times more chemicals than tap water due to the fact that chlorine and most other toxins vaporize much faster than water and at a lower temperature. Inhalation is much more harmful to our bodies since the chlorine has now become chlorine gas (chloroform). As we inhale, it goes directly into our blood stream. Chlorine gas was used in World War II as a chemical weapon and is known to be a strong irritant to the sensitive tissue and bronchial passages inside our lungs.

Just know that if you’re showering in regular tap water this means chlorinated and maybe even fluoridated, you will absorb more carcinogenic chemicals into your body in this one shower then if you were to drink 20 glasses of chlorinated water.

Where do you think snake-like skin comes from? Toxic Showers!

When you shower in structured water you will experience:

  • Soft healthy skin and hair

  • More moisture for skin and hair

  • Eliminates itchy skin from chlorinated water

  • No hard water build-up in shower

  • Assists in improving any skin conditions

  • All memory held in water is wiped clean

  • Water that is alive and full of energy

  • Greater sense of well-being.. to name a few

Just know that if you’re showering in regular tap water this means chlorinated and maybe even fluoridated. You will absorb more carcinogenic chemicals into your body in this one shower than if you were to drink 20 glasses of chlorinated, fluoridated water. By the way, snakeskin is caused by regular tap water due to its toxic destructive effects on the skin. If you wish to have beautiful skin and beautiful health then use a Structured shower unit. When you shower in Structured water your body will absorb 4 cups of high frequency, super hydrating water to the cellular level to help aid the process of detoxification.


Brush out your dry skin brush after each use by rubbing it with your hand. Wash your skin brush once a week with organic soapy water and then press the excess water into a towel and let hang dry preferably in the sun. Wet bristles can cause mildew. Never leave your skin brush hanging in the shower and never share your skin brush with anyone. But do share the amazing results of ageless skin and the super detoxification and vitality that you’re experiencing.

Dry Skin Brushing works best when part of a healthy lifestyle program. When we learn to honor, protect, respect and detox our body with gentle baby steps each and every day, we will then experience amazing health and a beautiful glow.

Live Happy Healthy ALIVE!

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