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Vegan Questions

What is your advice for those curious about the plant based lifestyle?

If you're considering a transition to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, my advice would be to go at your own pace. Some prefer to make the transition overnight, while others like to slowly transition away from eating and using animal products. There is no "right way" - only the way that works best for you. Listen to your body and follow your intuition, trust the process that you have made the right decision to choose this lifestyle. Remember the reasons why you decided to choose this lifestyle. We all need reminders from time to time. If you choose to take it slowly, start with the easiest items to eliminate first. For some it's meat, for others it's milk. When eliminating, try experimenting with plant-based alternative such as lentils, textured vegetable protein, or soy milk/yogurt. And if you "slip up" don't worry, you’ve made a start and it will get easier as time goes on.

Is it hard being plant-based in a community of healthcare professionals who may not believe in its benefits?

At first, yes - it certainly was. With time and as I've learned and researched more about it I've grown confident in my decision. I've also grown confident my understanding of the benefits such a lifestyle can have on individual health, the environment, and the welfare of other living beings. There is certainly a shift taking place with more and more members of the healthcare community recognizing these benefits, and I feel honoured to be a part of this community.

If I have a medical condition is it safe for me to be a vegan?

Yes. A plant-based vegan diet is a great way to prevent and even reverse certain diseases, always consult your doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions or are on medications. Consult your doctor before removing any type of medications you're on. This should always be done under the supervision of your medical team.

Is it too expensive to eat a vegan diet?

A vegan diet doesn't have to be more expensive than a meat-based one, but it can even show you a reduction in costs since whole grains, beans and vegetables are usually less expensive than meat and dairy-based products. If you consume whole plant based foods you will not be breaking the bank, only when you fall for marketing ploys of vegan snacks and fake meats will you be spending potentially more money than you need to. If you were on a diet that consisted of McDonalds and other cheap fast food, you will probably be spending more. You will however, be saving your health, the environment, the slaughtering and abuse of animals and many more things.

Do I need special equipment or expensive ingredients to be a vegan?

No! A vegan diet can be very simple, using ingredients you find at your local grocery store. A simple set of pots, pans, a cutting board, knife and high speed blender is all you really need. Of course you can experiment and buy other fancy equipment if you want but why overcomplicate things? I buy my ingredients in my local supermarket or health food store and online. Some vegan alternatives to meat and cheese can be harder to find in some places, but there are a lot more choices now than when I first made the switch! Even if you live in an area where neither of these are accessible, you can eat a completely delicious and balanced vegan diet with simple whole foods.

Is a vegan diet too limited or difficult to maintain?

Veganism allows you to explore more flavors, whole plant foods and try out new food combinations. I will show you how exciting and delicious veganism can be and provide you with the knowledge, tools and understanding which will allow you to maintain a healthy plant based lifestyle.

What resources would you recommend for anyone wanting to learn more about the plant-based lifestyle?

Personally, I feel inspired by watching recipe videos on YouTube, I get lots of my inspiration for food there. There are many great books out there which gave me further insight and knowledge. I also have my own ebooks in my shop section. If you want more information feel free to contact me.

General Questions

Why choose Happy Healthy Alive?

All of our consultations come with a money back guarantee that we will surpass your expectations with achieving your health goals. We provide you with continual support because your success is our success, as you grow, we will continually grow your program with you. Support and a strong relationship is the key ingredient to reclaiming and maintaining your health. There is no question too small, there are no silly questions, and when there are no questions left to ask, then you will be a wise person who has now mastered their health.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, all of our consultations come with a money back guarantee that we will surpass your expectations with achieving your health goals.

Where will the consultations take place?

Either online via skype, on the phone or at Happy Healthy Alive.

What if I'm not ready?

If you’re not ready or not sure where to begin, schedule a free consultation with us where we will: Become clear on the steps you need to take to reach your goals Dig deep and uncover the challenges holding you back from reaching your goals Get to know each other, and see how we can help you create the perfect day Discuss any questions you might have