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Where it Began

Wolfe Deep Tissue is an extremely powerful bodywork technique developed by Dr. Darrell Wolfe over 35 years ago. Wolfe Deep Tissue is not massage and it is unlike all other deep tissue therapies. If you are after instant and long-lasting results, be prepared to be amazed at this simple but highly effective technique. The most important key to being a successful bodywork therapist is recognizing and eliminating internal scar tissue.

Meet Your Practitioner

Rena Kelmanson

New World Practitioner Certified by The International Training Institute of Health

BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Exercise and Health

Rena is a certified Whole Life Coach, Wolfe Deep Tissue Restoration and Wolfe Non-Surgical Therapist. 

Ever since I incorporated breathwork and meditation into my morning and night routine I have noticed incredible results in my presence. I love sharing with others that which has helped me to spread light and expand consciousness to as many as I can.

I stumbled across a Deep Tissue technique in October 2018 and have loved working learning about each and every body I have thw pleasure of coming into contact with.

I had some work done on my ankle because I had a lot of scar tissue from a bad sprain a few years prior. After 10 minutes I was blown away at how much more flexibility I had, my injured ankle now had far greater flexibility than my healthy ankle. This is when I knew I needed to learn more about this technique to use on my friends and family. I never thought I would have become a deep tissue therapist but I love working on people and seeing such inredible results!

Some of my favorite things:

Solo travel with no plans or time limit, meeting interesting people with a story to share, hammock life, sunrises and sunsets, reading, meditation, breathwork, yoga, music journeys, photography, getting creative in the kitchen with whole plant based ingredients.

Therapy Designed for Everyone

This unique Deep Tissue technique is effective whether you are dealing a stiff neck, tight back, sore hip or arthritic pain. By removing the build up of scar tissue, I can loosen up your muscles, improve joint health and release the physical blocks in your body which are contributing to your pain.

Family Portrait 4
Face Massage

Restoration Treatments

With the use of this powerful Deep Tissue Technique I am able to restore the face, breast, abdomen and pelvis to a healthy state by removing physical blocks created by scar tissue, calcification and crystallization. You will be amazed by what can be achieved with these treatments.

Athletes & Exercise Lovers

This therapy is effective at providing long-lasting results by breaking down scar tissue caused by over-use, injury and wear and tear. As an athlete staying on top of your self care routine is optimal and deep tissue therapy should be a regular part of that to ensure you perform at your best, maintain flexibility and remain pain free.

Intense Training
Back Pain

For the Whole Body

Deep tissue from head to toe. TMJ problems, sinus issues, spinal issues, breast fibroids, knee pain, ankle sprains, surgery scars. Talk with us to create a customized therapy package to help you live a pain free life.

Everything is Energy

... & energy is everything. We are spiritual, light frequency beings, wherever we are we are receiving and delivering frequencies, like walking antennas. When we take on unhealthy frequencies, our energy becomes disrupted and dis-ease is created within the body. It is more important than ever to remove blocks in our energy centers and receive healthy frequencies because of all the EMF's surrounding us.

Yoga Pose
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