Why the name Happy Healthy Alive?

The name arose because it became my life mantra. I repeated this three word phrase over and over when I was down and didn’t feel as if I had meaning or purpose.


I wanted to create a business to share my experiences and knowledge with others to help them feel Happy Healthy Alive!

Why Plant-Based?

This way of eating will allow you to feel satiated and full of energy. There are no useless calories, thus no weight gain.

Eating plant-based food also optimizes the nutrition in your food, as cooking often kills essential vitamins and minerals.


By not eating animal flesh or animal by-products, no unhealthy steroids and hormones are absorbed into your body. In addition, the body will quickly begin to flush out toxins and function optimally.

What is your Philosophy?

I believe that food should nourish your body, not just be something you consume just to get that “full” feeling. I don’t believe in diets or fads, I believe in lifestyle changes.


Plant based food, especially raw plant foods provide outstanding nutrition, improve health, reverse certain diseases, increase energy, maintain weight, taste delicious and allow you to feel satiated. We believe food has superpowers which allow us to feel happy, healthy and alive.

What else can I learn from HHA?

Plenty! Ranging from food tips, to wellness advice, to goal setting! ​


  • Plant-based nutrition

  • Exercise guidance

  • Visualization and positive mindset

  • Minimalism

  • Mindfulness

  • Motivation

  • Goal setting

  • Healthy habit formation

  • Alternative Therapies

Thanks for expressing an interest in Happy Healthy Alive. I look forward to meeting you.